Our ministry teams at FIRM FOUNDATION are as diverse as the cultures and neighborhoods in Houston they serve, including artists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, business owners and just about anything else you can imagine.

Our one requirement?
That every Ministry Team has a passion to see the good news of Jesus Christ reach the unreached and touch the untouched. If you want to be part of a dedicated team bringing the hope of Christ to a lost and dying world, become a Firm Foundation Ministry leader and serve with us, we look forward to hearing from you……God bless you.
We want you to feel connected at Firm Foundation RCCG, that happens as you get to know the people and the staff at the church but, beyond that, it happens as you find your place to serve the Lord and make a difference in the lives of others.
We have many ministries in the church that exist to serve those who attend our church, but they also provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others. Please contact the church if you would like additional information about any of these ministries. These important ministries include:

Guest Welcome Team – greeting people as they arrive at church and helping as an usher to find seats and accommodate the needs of our guests.
Worship Team (including sound board, video, lighting, and PowerPoint operators) – if you’re a gifted musician or vocalist and love the Lord, you can contact our Worship Leader to begin the process of helping in our Sunday Worship Services.

Children’s Ministries – helping in various ways with Children’s Church on Sunday morning as a teacher, or assisting our teachers in their classes. You could also help with special events held throughout the year.

Youth Ministries – assisting our Youth Pastors in reaching out to our Jr. and Sr. High young people as they make life changing decisions in this key time of their lives.

Men’s Ministries – helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the men at our church.

Women’s Ministries – helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the women at our church.

Widows/Widowers Ministry – assisting our widows/widowers with tangible, loving assistance when a need or problem arises.

Hospitality Ministry – providing the various refreshment that we enjoy every Sunday after our services.
Sunday Morning Set-up/Duty Team – giving needed help for the setup that goes on every Sunday as, for example, our patio is transformed into a place of fellowship with the setting up of tables, canopies, and a coffee cart.

Prayer Ministry – committing to pray for the emergency and special needs that arise in our church.

Kitchen Team – providing food/meals for our church events.
“Recycling God’s Resources” Ministry – helping to match people with resources with people who need those very same resources.

Disaster Relief Benevolent Team – determining the assistance that the church can give to people in an emergency situation.

Financial Counseling Ministry – counseling those going through difficult financial times.

Counting Team – helping to count the weekly offerings that our people graciously give.

Office Volunteers – helping in our office when the need arises.

Missions Team – coordinating the Missions endeavors at the church.

Homeless Ministry Team – reaching out to the homeless people near our church.

Physical Labor Assistance Team – assisting people in the church when extra hands are needed for a physical project.

Facilities Maintenance Team – meeting periodically at the church to help keep our building looking great.